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Lila and Lub Handmade Bags {Giveaway!}

This is my Lila and Lub bag.

You can’t have it. It was made just for me.

Neener neener neener.

However, you can have your own one-of-a-kind bag from Lila and Lub, compliments of Elissa.

“The Michelle:”

the michelle

You can win this Michelle Bag!

I’ve got the world on a string or at least in my purse. For the Woman who likes to be prepared for anywhere and everywhere I give you The “Michelle”. This roomy little darling can take you places in style. I personally carried this to a hockey game and fit 3 lite jackets, two stuffed animals and unbenounced to me a soft pretzel (that would be Lub’s), plus my normal purse needs. This bag contains two inside split pockets and a keyring for your convience. It closes with a strong magnetic snap.

No two bags at Lila and Lub are the same. There are several different styles, all named after awesome chicks. My personal favorite is “The Angela,” for no particular reason. Each style bag comes in different prints, and each is one of a kind. So if you see one you like, you better snap it up quick before it’s gone!

I just love her shop name… Lila and Lub, named after her kids. I think if I was crafty enough to have my own shop, I’d totally copy her and call it Coco and Soleil.

Elissa and I go way back! We first met in youth group and bonded over things like toilet papering our youth pastor’s office (sorry Bruce) and acting really obnoxious while running around Magic Mountain. But I knew Elissa was special when she invited me for a sleepover and we watched old movies. As in black and white. She not only had AMC, she knew what it was!

Finally, a friend I could share my freakiness with!

We ended up being roommates during what would have been my college years, if I had gone to college.

We bonded over chocolate and talking about how stupid boys were.

Now, we both have kids of our own and we bond over coffee, chocolate, and talking about how stupid boys are. Not our husbands, by the way, we like them. And I’m pretty sure that if we went to Magic Mountain, we’d be the at least the second most obnoxious people there. Some things never change.

To enter, leave a comment and tell me what you would name your handmade shop if you had one.

Usually giveaways that have seven thousand options bug me, but I really want you to get to know Elissa as well as I do, so for every one of these, you can leave a comment for an extra entry!

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Visit Lila and Lub and tell me your favorite print.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry. Winner will be chosen by random on Monday.

Disclosure: Elissa gave me the Angela bag shown above for free because she loves me. And because it’s named after me. And to ensure that I will never tell a certain story involving us on a front porch. I did not receive any compensation from this post and all opinions are mine.

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  1. Jaime E says

    I would name my shope Charlie Rae Designs. My daughter’s name is Charlotte Raeann and Charlie Rae is her nick name. I love the Michelle bag :)