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Homegrown Mom Book Club and a Giveaway

Once upon a time, I took a poll asking readers if they would be interested an online book club, and what kinds of books they’d like to read.

The results ended up being a three way tie. Hello. So, in true people-pleasing fashion, I decided we’d bounce around a little and read all kinds of books. Personal growth, Bible study, fiction, graphic novels…the sky’s the limit!!

I am going to launch the book club in January, when we’ve all settled down from the holidays. Our first book club selection is going to be one of my favorite books of all time: A Woman After God’s Own Heart, by Elizabeth George. Even if you’ve already read this, you won’t want to miss our discussions!

Here’s how the book club will work:

    Each week, we’ll read a chapter of the chosen book and discuss it on the forum. I’ll post a few questions to get the ideas flowing, and we can all share insights or questions with each other.
    I’ll also post a weekly challenge that goes with the reading, and you can choose whether or not you’ll participate in that.
    Then, once a week, I’ll announce a time and we’ll all meet up for a chat!

Because I love you guys and this is a book I think every woman should read, I am giving away two copies of A Woman After God’s Own Heart here on Homegrown Mom. If you already own it, enter to win one for a friend.

Each reader can enter 4 ways:

    Re-Tweet about this contest (comment here letting me know)
    Fan my Facebook page (and comment here letting me know you did, or already are a fan.)
    And, you can just leave a comment here saying that you’d like the book.

Winners will be chosen at random on Random.org and announced on Thursday. To be extra clear, each comment is worth one entry. If you want up to 4 entries, let me know in 4 separate comments how you are entering (facebook, twitter, newsletter, plain entry).

Disclosure: Elizabeth George has no idea who I am and is not sponsoring this site (though I did meet her once, and I am pretty sure she was impressed by my nervous hair-twirling and adoring gaze, but alas no contact has been made. Maybe she lost my number?). I am giving this book away just because I want to (and because I got it on sale).

(Trying to break the record for the most parentheses ever in a post.)

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  1. Jodie says

    Oh, Angela! You make me laugh! Can’t wait for your book club! This is not a book I would normally pick up but I’m going to, just ‘cuz it’s one of your favorites and I love your new blog.

  2. says

    I just subscribed to your monthly newsletter (not just to get the book either – it sounds great.) I may be able to round up a copy of the book from my mother-in-law but I wouldn’t mind winning one either! (Just warning you, you would need to post it to Australia though!) Thanks.

  3. says

    I would LOVE a copy of this book. Today is my first visit to your blog so I understand if you want to give it to a more seasoned home-growner. I will be participating in the book study for sure!


    • Angela says

      Holly, I should have mentioned…it’s random. I’ll go to Random.org and enter in a number for each person’s entry (or entries). :)

  4. JOY! to the World says

    Meee!! I wanna win the book!! (It would be a nice birhtday present) I already did subscribe to your blog and newsletter. :D And I think I have Fan’ed your site on my FB. ;) I love your funny note about Elizabeth George, btw.

  5. Angela says

    Ok, Ladies. I updated this post to make it clear. Each comment is numbered and each number is one entry. So if you want four entries, leave four comments telling how you are entering (facebook, twitter, newsletter, plain entry). This is how I’ve seen it on other blogs, maybe I’ll streamline it next time :)

  6. Trisha says

    Hi…I have already signed up for the newsletter and become a fan on facebook. How do I get an entry for the book? Thank you

  7. Trisha says

    Ok Sorry I should have read the other comments posted so that I would know what to do…..I have already asked to be a fan on Facebook. Can you please give me an entry to win the book for this…..

  8. Trisha says

    Here is my 2nd comment for the book…I have already subscribed to the newsletter…That is how I found this contest

  9. Luda says

    hey I became a fan of yours on FB yesterday, I randomly came across your blog & love it.. I’d love to win the book..

  10. mamala says

    Put my name in the pot Duck.
    If I win I will give you a thousand dollars.
    One dollar a week for a thousand weeks.

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