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Do You Remember your Grandma?

By Kathleen

Do you remember your Grandma?

What pictures just jumped into your brain?

Big ol’ apron around her ample waist as she plopped yet another helping of buttery potatoes on your plate, urging you, “Eat baby, you’re too thin.” Or maybe—

Arm around your shoulders as she leans in, guiding your eye to the telescope lens–both of you awash in the mystery that is our evening sky.

Or how about—

The back of Nana’s diminutive head bobbing along in the back of the police car as they whisk her away. Again.

Regardless of the memory, the truth is left for all to see–there are as many Grandmas as there are people. Which gives us a lot of latitude, and no barriers whatsoever in our search for Grandma-dom. Sure, I’ll admit it–those darn Betty Crocker commercials along with an inordinate amount of black and white movies in my youth carved out a standard issue Grandma-to-us-all figure in my brain.

And no, I am nothing like her.

Which leads me to feel the teensiest bit inadequate during those rare moments when I forget my wonderfulness. Which brings me to this–my granddaughters think I am wonderful. When I pay my bills late. When my fake tan streaks. When my tummy is larger than necessary. They think I am wonderful.

And I know why.

I am the Grandma they have been graced with. They didn’t get to pick, or even have time to make a wish list–they’ve been stuck with me from the beginning. So when someone says, Grandma, they don’t picture our aforementioned rosy cheeked potato pusher—they picture me.

Which, although freeing in its lack of boundaries, it is equally gripping when I realize that someday I will be gone, and if the Lord hasn’t taken us all home yet, they will be here without me–but left with—the memories of their Grandma to tell to their kids.

So I had better be a good one.

HoneyKathleen is a startlingly happy individual. No matter the path, over these 53 years on the planet Kathleen has held tight to her Jesus. She successfully raised four children, is GRANDMA! to three beauties, and the charming wife of the most princely man ever. Grandma Kathleen works with high school special education students, and knows that she knows that she knows that without Jesus–her life would be all hard edges and darkness. She thanks God every day for the wealth that is her life.

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  1. says

    Oh, I had four Grandmas growing up. Almost everyone you’ve mentioned. OK, not the police car but she did break her arm at the age of 90 checking out the rear side of some bicyclist. I was a lucky girl. I have one left & thank God for her everyday.
    My kids are also lucky to have three & your right they love them for them (even if Caleb is apt to mention if they are having a bad hair day).

    • mamala says

      I love it–90 and still checkin’ out rear ends.
      My Grandma Brown was in her 90’s when I mentioned to her that my friend Roger (30 something at the time) said to tell her Merry Christmas, I added, “And he really likes you Grandma, he thinks your cute.” To which she snapped: “Well you tell him I’m too old for him!”

  2. says

    Great post! I had two grandmothers and a stepgrandmother growing up, and all were so different from one another, but I gained valuable wisdom from each. Now my children have two very different grandmas, none quite fitting the stereotype you mentioned, but in today’s generation of kids, I don’t think they necessarily have the same expectations. Grandparenting has changed a good deal in its outward manifestations, but like you pointed out, the heart of the relationship is what matters — and that’s what kids respond to. Yours are blessed indeed.

    • mamala says

      Thank you for the kind words Hannah.
      You are right, the climate of grand-parenting has morphed into a whole new animal. (mixing metaphors . . .oops)
      I predict a pendulum swing back to the old ways, the students I work with absolutely crave normalcy. I can’t wait to see how this new generation reshapes yet another element I always took for granted.

  3. says

    I love this, especially since I am so looking forward to grandkids at my age of 49! I had great-grandmothers as well as grandmothers, like my children have had….each living into their 90’s! I watch my children and grandparents can do no wrong…what a wonderful position to be in. God was so precious when he allows anyone to have the joy of being a grandparents….and my Aunt says that being a great-grand outweighs all titles!!! So I have more years of parenting, since I have a four year old, and a lot of years left to grandparent. I can’t wait!!!

  4. Joyful Joyful says

    Now that Im preggers, I think of my grammas often. “What would Grandma Joyce say or Grandma Pill say if they found out I was going to have my 4th kid??!”
    I was blessed with 3 grandmas growing up and even more blessed as they all loved Jesus. They each taught me of God’s unconditional love in their own way among other things. Grandma Pill (Lorraine) taught me to cook and sew a little. Grandma Joyce taught me to keep my chin up. Grandma Jean taught me kindness.
    I pray when I am a grandma, I teach my kids of God’s unconditional love and a few other things. 😉

    • mamala says

      Joyce, I am sorry that I am so late at responding–we’ve been sick here at the house, and my hubby had surgery, so my internet time is not plentiful.
      Sounds to me like you were royally blessed with such God loving G’mas. Their prayers were answered when you followed the path that they laid out for you. I know that they are oh-so-proud. We had four kids, too–I only gave birth to three of them–but I can still empathize. Just remember: This is the time to take full advantage of any and all offers of assistance. I was a little knucklehead who had to continually prove how superior I was, and never accepted any help.
      What a dope.
      God bless you and your younguns, and hubby.
      Happy Easter.

  5. says

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