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The Verdict is In

The majority of you preferred picture #1. It was not my first choice, but it was Eric’s favorite. Thanks to all who voted! I’m off now to change all my profile pics and gravatars online. Will I ever find them all?

PS: If you want your pic to show up when you comment on a blog, it’s super easy. Just register with Gravatar.com and when you use your email to leave a comment, your pic will pop up! I like seeing all your pretty faces!

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  1. says

    look at you – you do look different!! And good!! Good for you! I highly encourage everyone to use a recent photo. Lots of folks were a shock when they showed up at Relevant not looking like themselves but more 5 years ago! :/ I sorta felt lied to.
    Stef @ Layton Family Joy´s last blog post ..GIVE

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