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Dear Buff Guy at the Gym,

Dear Buff Guy at the Gym,

SHE’S 13!!!

I realize that when you leaned back to check out her behind as she walked past you that her Snoopy shirt and youthful face most likely escaped your attention. However, sometime during one of your thirty or so glances, you must have noticed.

Next time you spend your workout oogling a young girl, I want you to think about this:

    She still giggles during math every time I say “Time to do #2.”
    She whines “Mooooom,” when her little sis is bugging her.
    She still asks me to feel her forehead every night when I tuck her in.
    Her favorite TV show takes place underwater and features a yellow sponge named Bob.

    She’s a little girl.

    And if that doesn’t get you… you’re lucky my husband wasn’t here today.

The sweaty lady on the treadmill who was glaring at you.

PS: Put your shirt back on. We’re not impressed.

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  1. says

    LOL, I can just see it. Unfortunately he probably likes his mom to feel his forehead when he’s sick & watches Sponge Bob religiously. Just kick his butt ( In a loving, Christian way of course).

  2. Trisha Adams says

    I agree with Elissa….You go momma….We are the only ones who will protect our children….Unfortunately, he probably has the maturity of a 13 yr old boy and wouldn’t understand why you are so angry…grrrr

  3. mamala says

    Grandpa Randy laughed and then growled.
    I loved every second of it–
    I would suggest that you pass him a hard copy of this blog, but who are we kidding? Without pictures or someone to read it to him he’d be lost anyway.
    And the whole shirt off thing–yeah, I just hate it. I struggle to avert my eyes–not cause I am interested, but cuz I am uncomfortable with so much skin in my face. Really–how much preening before it becomes girly?

  4. JOY Unspeakable says

    Just because she has boobs doesnt mean you need to oggle. Old enough or not. Our boobs are not pretty things to stare at and wish to handle. We know you wax more than your chest and still live with mommy.

  5. Angela says

    You guys make me laugh!

    I should say, several times I have confronted guys, in a mostly kind, but firm way. (But sometimes I’m just rude) This day just wasn’t one of those, and I didn’t think she noticed, so I didn’t want to draw attention to it. But she read this and laughed! And yes, she had noticed. She’s just getting too good at playing it cool. I told her to start picking her nose next next time and scowl at him.

  6. says

    Ha! We all got a big laugh from you telling your daughter to pick her nose. My husband and I have been telling our daughters that for several years now. “Honey, just pick your nose and they’ll quit looking”.

    BTW, I came here from Raising Homemakers as a sister contributor! I am looking forward to learning alongside of you.


  7. says

    I am sending this to my 18 year old daughter, who just hates getting hit on by older men!!!! She has started going to the gym with her 21 year old brother. So sad…come on men!!!!


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