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Girly Workboxes | Homeschooling Girls Day 2

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I am a huge fan of workboxes, and it’s no secret that my favorite ones are the “fun” ones I get to fill each day for my girls.

In the fun boxes, I put things that are educational in some sense, but not traditional school work. I had some fun coming up with this list of super-girly workbox fillers for you, and I can’t wait to use some of these ideas myself. Some of these came from our own workbox experience, but most I got from simply opening our cabinets and going through my girls’ bedrooms :)

(Of course, many of these would work for boys, too, but this series is called Homeschooling Girls so I’m going to stay on that note.)

Workbox Fillers for Girls

Language Arts

Magazines (we like American Girl and Revolve Bible Magazine)
Blank cards or stationery and a colored pen for letter writing
Magnetic Poetry
An Acrostic poem for her to complete. Use her name, a color, animal, or other word that will pique her interest.

Math / Fine Motor

Lincoln Logs, Legos
Her own lap chalkboard with a couple math or grammar problems on it and some chalk.
Toy cash register or calculator, fake money, and a note telling her you’ll play store with her.

Active Play

Jump Rope
Sidewalk chalk to play hopscotch with
An active Wii game
An upbeat CD and a card telling her to make up a dance

Arts and Crafts

Knitting needles and yarn
Needle, thread, buttons, fabric
Watercolor paints
Scrapbook page to decorate
Sticker book
Paper Dolls
A Ziploc bag of collage items, a sheet of cardstock, and some heavy glue (think sequins, feathers, glitter, pom poms, googly eyes, stickers, etc.)
Flower, leaf, or stone with a sketchpad, colored pencils
Ingredients to make her own art supplies with mom.

More Workbox Fun

Recipe card
A baby doll, diaper, and change of clothes. If you have one of those dolls you can feed, even better!
Nail polish, file and clippers
Rainbow Face Painting Kit

Printables on Homeschool Share

Fruit Loop Graph
Dress Logic Cards
Flower pot addition
Dog Math Cards

More on Workboxes

Here you can find a workbox planning sheet I’ve used.
Sneaking chores into workboxes
More workbox fillers.

Do you have some more girly workbox ideas?

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  1. says

    Love these ideas!! We use workboxes, though weekly, not daily, to supplement our schooling so that the kids have something independent to choose while I’m working with the younger ones. It’s always fund to think of the educational but fun things that we normally wouldn’t get to in traditional schooling. Thanks for the great list!
    Christine- Fruit in Season´s last blog post ..Montessori Monday

  2. says

    Before moving I had quite a successful work box system for my (then) 4 year old. I for sure need to get some shelves for our boxes again.
    These are some brilliant ideas. Thanks so much for sharing them:)
    Sarah Scott´s last blog post ..Real Life Learning

  3. says

    Wonderful list of girly ideas! Love the baby doll idea. I am a workbox drop out. I jumped on the bandwagon wholeheartedly, but it didn’t work. I may have to pull them out and try with my little ones again.

    I had so much fun coming up with girly ideas for my preschooler ~ I used hair bows for color matching and fine motor skills ~ I had her clip the bow to a matching head band. Another favorite was flower arranging with silk flowers and coffee beans or floral foam. Making cookie cut outs from playdough would be a good homemaking skill!
    Michelle Gibson´s last blog post ..Sensory Exploration and Concept Building

  4. says

    I just found this series and am loving it! Especially this article. I used to be much better about fun things like this when my girls were younger. Thank you for the lovely ideas. :) ~Michelle

  5. says

    I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I am quite certain I’ll learn lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

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