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Prairie Primer Giveaway!

Welcome to Monday’s 30 Days of Homemaking for Girls Giveaway at Homegrown Mom!

Have you heard of the Prairie Primer?

When I first started talking about maybe homeschooling, my sister-in-law, now 25, told me that she remembered her favorite year homeschooling was one when her family did a Little House on the Prairie Unit. She remembered so much about that year, from making butter and corn cob dolls to a balloon out of a hog’s bladder.

Even if I hadn’t already been in love with Laura Ingalls, I would have wanted to do this unit because of how happy she was looking back on that year, more than fifteen years later!

I have been using this year-long unit study with my second grader, Soleil this year. It is intended for grades 3 – 8, but works well for an advanced younger reader, too. My older girl, Coco (14), has joined in on some of the projects, too.

Prairie Primer goes through each of the nine Little House books (the books themselves are not included). You’ll progress through one book per month, doing four days of assignments in every subject.

Prairie Primer covers:
Language Arts
Some Math
and my personal favorite… Homemaking!

We purchased some Little House supplemental books recommended by the Primer: The Little House Cookbook, The Little House Sewing Book, My Book of Little House Paper Dolls
and My Little House Crafts Book.

So far this year we’ve made corn cob dolls, johnny cakes, lemonade, butter, and too many things to list here. We’ve also fallen in love with the Ingalls. Many conversations around the dinner table have taken place with Soleil letting Daddy know what the Ingalls had done that day! One of my favorite thing about the Prairie Primer are the corresponding Bible and character questions that come with each day’s reading.

We’ve studied American History, the Presidents, and read several biographies like Louis Braille and Clara Barton. Soleil has learned about plants, various animals, germs, matter, and so much more.

I am in love with this curriculum, and I know you will be too! I bought this curriculum with my own money at the beginning of this school year, and no one paid me for this review :)

The author Margie Gray, however, has agreed to send one reader a copy of The Prairie Primer! (Did you read her post today on preparing for hard times? Good stuff!)

If you would like to enter, please leave a comment telling me this: When you were a kid, were you more like Mary, Laura, or (shudder) Nellie? If you don’t know the characters, just tell me why you’d like this!


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  1. Jasmine says

    I was more like Laura. We would lobe this. My going to be third grader loves the little house books and so do i

  2. Melissa says

    I think I am more like Laura, but I’m not totally sure. I would love to have this book for my homeschooling!

  3. Kristen Bieber says

    I was definitely a Mary. I always wanted to please and wasn’t too adventurous!

  4. says

    Oh my! This has been on my amazon wishlist for a while! I would love to win this! I was most like Mary. I’ve never been real adventurous like Laura is!

  5. Amanda says

    My daughter and I would love to do this next school year! I think I am a bit more like Laura. I am not as calm and easy-going as Mary was. 😉 Thanks for the chance to win! It sounds like so much fun.

  6. Dionne says

    I found your blog by doing a Google search for Prairie Primer. We need something fun for next years school year.

    I’m a bit like Mary.

  7. Jamie says

    I would love to do this with my daughter! It sounds like so much fun!! I guess I was more like Mary when I was young =)

  8. says

    I love Little House and we’ve decided to do PP with my second grader beginning in August! I also have two 5yo K’ers … a girl and a boy (he’s from Ethiopia … what a cool way to introduce him to our country by listening to the Little House books!) who will listen in and a 2yo who will keep us grounded. :) I am definitely a Mary, but strive to be more like a Laura with my children. We all need the balance of silliness at times, right? Beautiful review!

  9. Emily says

    I LOVE The Little House books! I checked them out over and over again from the tiny library in my hometown growing up until finally my parents bought me the boxed set for Christmas one year! I’m definatly a Laura. I can’t wait to share the Little house series with my girls (3 and 1).

  10. Julie says

    I wish I was a Laura..able to beat up those mean kids on the playground and always brave enough to tell people what she really thought of them, but alas…I am a Mary!!! Always loved staying indoors and reading. I am planning on using the praire primer in the fall with my girls ages 10 and 8!