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A Plan for the Housekeeping-Challenged

This post is part of the Creating a Homekeeping Book Series

I said I would share my cleaning plan, and I will.  First, though, I should say that there are lots of great systems out there, I am only sharing mine because maybe somewhere there is another mom who has the same kind of brain as me and will find this useful.


Also, a confession:  I am great at coming up with systems, not so great at keeping up with them. Some weeks, my cleaning plan sits collecting dust while I attend to other things.  However, when I do buckle down, this is the easiest way I’ve found of doing things.  I’ve taken suggestions from several books and websites and made a plan that works for me. 


It is slightly embarrassing to admit that I need this list!  I am just not a natural housekeeper, which seems so unladylike!  Yet, it is better to just face it already and do what I have to do to keep up.  This is what I have to do to keep up.


My cleaning schedule has three sections, Daily (things I need to do each morning and evening), Weekly, and Declutter.


Here’s a week’s sample. 





Make bed (Yes, I need a reminder still)

Empty dishwasher

Go over priorities for day

Any evening chores not done



Wipe down counters/toilets in bathrooms

Dishes/Counters/Kitchen table/Stove

Vacuum kitchen

Put away toys, mail, etc.

Dining room table cleared and cleaned

Go over lesson plans for next day



Monday: Living room

Tuesday:  Kitchen

Wednesday:  Bathroom/Bedroom/Closet

Thursday:  Errands

Fridays:  School area/Clean out purse and car/Plan school week

Saturday:  Catch up on any chores not done


I try to spend an hour or so every day on weekly chores.  It hardly ever happens, so oftentimes I am doing all my catching up on Saturdays.  For each weekly area, I actually have a checklist with details for each room.  (Such as, vacuum, dust, scrub shower, etc.) You would think after ten years in the same house I wouldn’t need it, but I actually still use this list. 



Monday:  Video cabinet

Tuesday:    Pantry

Wednesday:  Bathroom cabinet

Friday:  Binders


When making my schedules, I added all the little areas that need regular de-cluttering.  They repeat about every two months.  I have 18 cleaning weeks, to coincide with my menu plans.  This way, whatever week I am on, it is all there in my little binder:  Menus, grocery lists, and cleaning schedules. 


Tomorrow or Monday, I’ll share about making a homekeeping book for your daughters. 

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  1. mamala says

    You should teach special ed teachers how to teach. You cover every contingency–with clear, reasonable directives. The visualization of your days must help so much.

    • says

      Lol! I agree. My son has had some that seemed afflicted themselves. The layout of details here is so helpful without being overwhelming. I created a schedule recently and posted it on the kitchen wall. Some days I follow it. :)

      My husband and I own a business, so it is critical that I hold things down at home, but often the things hold me down. Prayer is really helpful. I also found some great Christian rap music, which is nice because the music is so energizing.

      – Monica

  2. turtlemomma says

    May I say..HOLY COW with the lists!
    They are so complete and clear and organized and diligent . I am amazed. And wowed. I could never be such a list maker or follower but, I can use a few of your ideas and start making my days a little more organized from your posts. 😉
    You would be a good teacher to adults as well as your kids.
    Maybe you could post a few scanned pictures of your lists as examples or something.
    Good Job Angela!

  3. says

    I’m seriously copying/tweaking your list right now! I seriously need to do this. I can’t even find the crib at this point!

  4. brandy says

    WOW! you are my hero! I am a list person to but never applied the idea to my daily life. I considered this before happening across your blog and planned out a monthly menu for my family but I did not think out everything like I usually do. Trust me you are a life saver with 4 little ones I did not think I had the time (unless I stayed up until early mourning hours, between feedings and slept through schooling the others.) I have been doing one step at a time and the older girls will have their own book pretty soon, they are looking forward to it! You are truly GOD sent for a mom of 4 + 4 thanks!!!

  5. says

    Housekeeping is a very broad term that encompasses the general cleaning from ceiling to the floor, to the window to the door of your house. It also includes both outdoor and indoor chores. This has something to do with giving appropriate time, effort and techniques to every fraction of the entire house.


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