Kick Down Some Doors This Week

“The Woman at the Well didn’t wait for a door to open, she kicked it down herself.” – Liz Curtis Higgs

Too often in my own life, I wait for an ‘open door’ to share the gospel.

Can we all be door kickers this week?

Can we boldly step out and share our faith, even if our voices are wobbly and we fumble our words? Can we trust that God will use us?

Can we decide to stop waiting for the perfect moment and just start talking about what Jesus has done?

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  1. Yes, indeed.
    Without exception–all believers should be ever grateful–kissing the feet of those who came before us–using said feet to kick down any door that stood in the way of our DELIVERANCE.

    Good challenge–Forget fretting how we will be perceived—Remember being saved from an eternity of absolute isolation-utter despair–
    The Bible tells us not to worry about what we will say–the Holy Spirit will give us the words(Luke 12:11). Trust this to be so.

  2. Interesting…My home fellowship group is doing The Way of the Master series, which is all about evangelism. We are supposed to practice talking to ourselves in the mirror this week and go out of our way to give out some fun tracks. I guess there is not waiting for an “open door” with these guys either!!! Praying for you to have boldness for Christ…and for me too!!

  3. I love your blog – and focus on being home with our family. As for sharing my faith, I’m trying to be bold, but not overbearing. This world needs hope and love and that’s something everyone wants to hear about! Keep up your good work.

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