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A Prayer for Your Daughter and A Giveaway | Day 10

Today is the final day of 10 Days of Homeschooling Girls!

I know most mothers pray over their children daily. We might do it on our own, in our quiet time, or with our hands on them, as we tuck them in safely at night. So often thankfulness wells up in me when I look at my girls throughout the day. Often, I’ll utter a prayer of thanksgiving or a blessing as I see my daughters going through the day-to-day happenings called life.

I was looking through my I Love My Husband Book the other day (yes, I like to read my old letters to him) and an old prayer I wrote out for Eric made me smile. There is something so vulnerable about sharing your personal prayers with someone. I like knowing that Eric knows my innermost thoughts towards him, and that he knows I lift him up to our Lord in so many ways.

Anyway, since this is the Homeschooling Girls Series, I’m sure you’ve guessed where I am going with this. I think it would be a lovely gift to write out a heartfelt prayer for your daughter and share it with her.

If you’re unsure how to start, here are some things you could include:

Thank God for who she is.
Thank God specifically for gifts and talents He’s given her.
Thank God for strengths you see in her walk with Him.
Praise Him for specific blessings and answered prayers in her life lately.
Pray for her future, her walk with God, the choices she’ll be making.
Pray that she would love God and His Word even more.
Pray that she would grow in knowledge, wisdom, and love.
Pray for any upcoming events that are important to her.
Pray that she’ll be a blessing to others.
Pray for her future husband.
Thank God that you get to be her mom.

That should get the ball rolling :)

Thanks for sticking around these last ten days!

Now, a giveaway. I get to give one reader a ticket to the Heart of the Matter Online Homeschool Conference! Online, meaning no babysitter needed. No make-up needed. Heck, no clothes needed if that’s how you roll. At $14.95, you can afford to go even if you don’t win!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment and tell me what you’d wear to the online conference if you win! One entry per person, please!

Winner announced Sunday!

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  1. Monica says

    I love the idea of hand written prayers for our family members. I think that our daughters will be especially touched by this. I think I might start a book of prayers for each of my daughters and include new prayer for their Birthdays each year.

  2. BJ says

    I would wear my comfy lounge pants, and tee shirt.
    Thank you for these ten days of encouragement. They have helped so much.
    Again Thank You!

  3. says

    I’d wear pajamas, or blue jeans and t-shirt depending on if I’d gotten dressed first.

    And, I love the idea of writing letters to your kids. I keep trying to do that consistently for them, but am horrible at it.

  4. Carol says

    I would love to “attend” this conference in whatever I wore to bed! Or, I may “dress up” and throw on some comfy sweats! Thanks for the opportunity!

    I’ve so enjoyed this series!

  5. Jami says

    I would wear my PJs, bear feet and my baby (in the ergo). Since I wear my one year old so often these days I like to think of him as an clothing accessory :)

  6. says

    I’d probably wear my ‘winter uniform’–turtleneck, long skirt and wool socks. That is once I get dressed. If it was a ‘short’ night (up with little ones), I might still be in jammies–sweats and a T-shirt. My children don’t like it when I hang out in my jammies too long. Party poopers. 😀

  7. says

    Thanks for your series. I’ve enjoyed reading along. Hmmm … I’d wear the same thing I do every day: jeans and a tee-shirt and a zip-up hoodie. Having a “uniform” makes it easy to get going every morning.

  8. LisaRose says

    Have so loved your 10 days for girls … can you extend it please … think of it as a leap year and throw in another … lol
    Online conference fashions … hmmm fairy wings and a tiara me thinks … oh yes and mascara … can’t live without my mascara for special events … may skip the pearls though as I wouldn’t want to appear overdressed.

  9. says

    Hmm, what would I wear? Well hopefully something clean. That is one area that I have trouble with. Oh, and probably a blanket. I say this because at this very moment I’m freezing.

  10. says

    Thanks so much for sharing about homeschooling girls. I’m the mom of two. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog these past ten days.

  11. says

    I would wear something comfortable but probably not pjs as I do make it a rule to get dressed everyday. But I would love to stay in my pjs just one day! I recently found your blog via the 10 days postings elsewhere and I have enjoyed what I have read so far and have subscribed to your feed so I do not miss a thing!
    melissa´s last blog post ..If you had a two year old

  12. says

    First I want to thank you for sharing these great ideas. I have been printing some of them up to share with my daughters later. Thanks a bunch.

    I plan on wearing my jammy’s, or jeans and a sweater to the conference. Unless I have to work, then I would be there in my uniform.

    Thanks again for a great blog!

  13. Rachel says

    Love your blog! I’m new to homeschooling, new to the homeschooling blog world, hope to win! thanks! :)

  14. says

    What would I wear? A smile. We are just beginning this journey and I would LOVE some insight on this journey that I’ve been called to travel. I’ ve fought it long enough and am finally admitting that He has won 😉

  15. Angela says

    Hmm…I think I’d wear my comfy sweatpants and a t-shirt as that it was I usually wear :) I really should dress up sometime…

  16. Theresa says

    I have loved your blog series… With three girls 5 and under I have starred many of the items you’ve wisely suggested! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and stories! If I won the online conference ticket, I would wear my comfy sweats with my hair up and a coffee and treat! :)
    Thanks again for all you’ve shared so we can gain some wisdom! :)
    Theresa´s last blog post ..Sledding!

  17. Kim W. says

    Love your last idea about writing a prayer to each of my daughters and I’ll do one for my son as well!!
    If I could “attend” the conference, I would be wearing comfy jeans, a tee, my hair in ponytail, while snuggled in my recliner with the most hidious blanket that is oh so cozy!!!

  18. Rebecca says

    Just found your blog series, I have to go back and look back at your past posts. I’d love to win the ticket as I’m seriously considering homeschooling my girls (5, 3, and 5 months currently). If I was to win (please, please!!!) I would wear my everyday clothes, comfortable pants (needed to get down on the floor to play with three kids) nursing shirt (for warmth while feeding my youngest of 5 months), and slippers. If all else fails, those MP3 downloads would be invaluable for me to hear even if it is after the fact so I can learn!

  19. says

    i am just poring over your blog! so much good stuff here :) if i won the conference ticket, i would wear my coziest VS sweats and hoodie – with my fuzzy socks, of course! :) if only i had some pajama jeans….ha! 😉