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Stay Home

Wanna do something radical?

Just say no.

Skip the neighbor kid’s recital.

Blow off the next potluck.

Miss a mid-week service.

Go ahead, embrace your inner hermit.

Cuddle on the couch.

Play a board game.

Stay home.

The world will be waiting tomorrow.

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    • Homegrown Mom says

      Stacy, I always smile when you leave a message or email that you didn’t show up somewhere because your hubby had a day off and you guys needed a day with daddy. LOVE THAT!

  1. Tara says

    We were just discussing the need for a Sabbath this weekend – hubby says God designed us to take a break for a reason, yet I find it hard to force myself to do this sometimes.

  2. LisaRose says

    It’s a Tuesday and so far today, girls have jumped into bed with Daddy and I for monthly “pinch and a punch for the first day of the month game” followed by tickles and giggles. Then we decided that it was such a lovely day that we would go off on a picnic and play mini golf … yeah! We have been studying Scotland, so bonus score me, with golf being invented there … lol!


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