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Mom’s Night Off

No cooking allowed

No cooking allowed

Who needs to get all dressed up, spend the day cooking and cleaning to enjoy a night relaxing with friends? Not me! I enjoy girl time just as much as the next guy, er girl, but sometimes I’m just plain pooped with no vitametavegamin in sight.

Know what I mean?

I was feeling this way a few weeks ago, but still wanted to get together with my mama and girlfriends, so I did something radical… Mom’s Night Off! (and I don’t mean radical in the 80’s surfer-dude kind of way, but in the 60’s war protesters kind of way. Did you get that?)

I invited everyone over and because I’m bossy I gave them a list of rigid rules and regulations.

The flyer went something like this: (Actually, it went exactly like this because I copied and pasted it here.)

Mom’s Night Off!

The Rules:
• You MUST wear comfy clothing!
• You MUST NOT bring anything homemade to eat!
• Please do bring your favorite pre-made snack! I’m talking bags or boxes here, people. No prep!
• That’s it!

I’d like to spend some time sharing and praying for one another, and then play a game or something. We could very well end up sitting around talking all night, and that’d be fine, too. Let’s just see what happens!

I LOVE to have people over, and I love to cook, but I think for Mom’s night off, we should forbid ourselves to go all out like we usually do. Let’s commit to only getting pre-made snacks and wearing our comfiest clothes! Are ya with me? (Note: Do you like how I added this in to make it sound less bossy? And I wanted to be extra-clear that I wasn’t just being a lazy slob. Not sure now that it worked.)

Let me know if you’ll be there… Just don’t let me catch you cookin’ or curlin’ your hair!

PS: Snuggies optional

Confession: I almost changed the all caps and multiple exclamation points because I’m kind of embarrassed now at just how bossy I am. But I’m keepin’ it real, yo.

And I’m not going to name names but one of my friends (Elissa) came with her hair all pretty. I forgave her.

Could you use a night off?

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  1. says

    “I invited everyone over and because I’m bossy I gave them a list of rigid rules and regulations.”

    i love that! so glad its not just me who does that :)

  2. mamala says

    It was way cool to have zero expectations about the two things that clutter my mind during these get-togethers:
    1.Home made food–so that everyone can oooh and ahhh over my expertise in the kitchen (when often all I want to do is KFC it).
    2. What dazzling outfit can I squeeze into? Oh wait–that ship has tug boated away–Comfort has been my MO for way longer than I care to admit.
    We had a blast.

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