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Little Escapes

Little Escapes
As I’ve said before, getting totally away from everyone does something special for my soul. It just isn’t always manageable. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was alone and not running errands. And as I like to remind my hubby, running errands doesn’t count.

If you promise not to tell him, though, it kind of does count. It’s all about perspective. Listening to the radio blasting and walking through a grocery store with no one asking for anything… definitely refreshing.

And we all need a little refreshment now and then. Which we can’t always get away to get.

What’s a mom to do? Little Escapes! I have become quite adept at sneaking in little amounts of time to do something that’s not on my to-do list and have a little break.

Are there little windows in your day where you could squeeze in a fifteen minute break? Just think of what you could do!

15 Min. Escapes:

If you’re worried about losing track of time, just set a timer.

  • Catch up on your favorite magazine, blog, or devotional.
  • Call a friend for a short chat.
  • Lie down and daydream.
  • Put your favorite songs on and dance around.
  • Watch part of a recorded show on TV.
  • Paint your nails.
  • Write in your journal.
  • Write your hubby a love note.
  • Sing a few worship songs.
  • Make a tropical-flavored drink and sit in the sun.
  • Have a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa and snuggle with a blankie.
  • Look up potential vacation spots online. Even if you can only dream about going there someday!
  • Write a blog post or check in with your Facebook friends.
  • Take a quick walk around the block if you have older kids you can leave home.
  • Look at photos.
  • Of course, since you’re the mommy at home, no break is likely to ever be uninterrupted. And that’s okay! That’s why we plan a get-away-completely break every now and then. During these little escapes, you’re still home and you’re still Mommy. So just go with the flow and know that eventually you will have time to think a full sentence. I promise.

    If someone gave you a couple hours right now-just for you-what would you do?

    For ways on finding time: Every Mom Needs a Break

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    1. says

      Some great ideas here. I must admit, I am very spoilt. As both of my children still have afternoon sleeps and they tend to go down at the same time, I have an hour to myself most afternoons. I usually use the time to look at blogs and write a blog post, or have a sleep if the baby has been up a lot overnight. I think I might take a few of your ideas here and try to do a different one each day for a couple of weeks – just to mix things up a bit…

    2. JOY Unspeakable says

      Hee hee. Sometimes if I go to the grocery store alone, I fill up my cart and hit the magazine isle. Then I pick up a good ‘zine and read it for a while before purchasing the groceries and going home. 😉 I dont have to pay for the magizine and I have a few minutes to myself!

    3. says

      Having four boys and one girl, who all played sports…endless time waiting at sports practice, I learned to read a books. I started enjoying taking them all to their countless practices and just reading. I am now just down to one boy playing sports, and my four year old hasn’t entered that world yet, and I still remember the years of waiting at baseball/basketball practice with delight and refreshment….they grow up too soon!

      • Angela says

        I am always so distracted at their practices and rehearsals, I can hardly read. I really enjoy watching them, even for three hours or more!

    4. Robin says

      I love that you said going to the grocery store alone kinda does count! I’ve been there without my family and without those little distractions I feel almost alone. In fact recently I was so lost in my own world there that I found myself singing out loud to the canned music on the baking aisle with a number of strangers I was completely oblivious to! I caught myself, made a little bow and booked it out of there! Now that’s an escape!

    5. says

      If I had a few hours, I would get in the car with my bible, camera and journal, pick myself up a cup of coffee and maybe a little treat, and then just drive to some country road, park and have a fabulous time of prayer and worship without distractions.

        • Heather Fleming says

          I am so happy that I have found this website! I have been reading and reading all kinds of stuff on this site the last hour. My husband deploys on Sat for 9 to 10 months and all of these ideas are going to help me get through this deployment :) Thank you so much! God Bless!

    6. Amy says

      Just came across your website and I’m so thankful I did! I’m a stressed out single mother–going to school and work–ready to completely lose my mind. I’m sending my daughter away this weeekend for the first time…before I do actually lose my mind. I was feeling like such a bad mom for wanting to have a vacation from my child. I see now that I’m not alone and I feel so much better for that. I think I need a week or more without hearing “mommy”…but I’ll take what I can get for now. So glad I came across your site and blog!

    7. says

      Came across your blog from Simple Mom and am loving it. I really like your list. Sometimes you really do just need a little “alone” time or a break, it is so refreshing. Sometimes just going to the grocery store at night when the kids are in bed and getting to shop without interuptions makes me feel like a normal person again. Then I usually remember the funny things that my kids will do and ALMOST wish they were there with me :). Being a mom is awesome, but those little breaks here and there sure do rejuvinate.

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