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I Have Some Advice for You

Are you struggling with something today?

Do you need someone to lend an ear and perhaps offer some kernels of wisdom?

Lucky for you, you stumbled upon this blog today. I have some life-changing advice for you.

Are you ready for it?

Here it is:

Take. Your. Own. Advice.

Don’t practice what you preach? Don’t worry, I’m the worst offender here. The other morning, I was sighing to myself as I started getting ready for my day. Tired already. Sigh. I took my toothbrush out, began to brush my teeth, and sighed again. How was I going to get through another long day with zero energy? As I rinsed my mouth, a conversation I had recently with my sister-in-law popped in my head.

The one in which I pestered her about taking her vitamins. Yes, I pester my sister-in-law. I can be downright bossy sometimes. She loves me anyway.

When was the last time I took my vitamins? I had no idea. I have a vitamin deficiency, so it’s pretty foolish of me to skip my vitamins for days on end. And yet I do. As I scolded myself for being such a slacker, another thought popped into my head. It was poppy morning, I’ll tell you.

Why don’t I take my own advice more often?

I’ve counseled women on submitting to their husbands, finding the good in their husbands when they’re driving them crazy, on finding what makes their husbands happy and doing it. But I’d been slacking on all three lately. And I wondered why Hubby was a tad crabby as of late.

(Now, before you think I am unbearably bossy, I must tell you that I have mentored some women and they legitimately came to me for advice. I don’t just spout out advice all the time, and more importantly, I often admit that I actually know nothing about anything. It’s true.)

Anyway, throughout the week, when I was feeling discouraged, tired, or clueless, I asked myself: What would you tell a good friend to do?

So today, I will pester you all.

(begin infomercial voice here)
What would you tell a friend to do?

Feeling like keeping a clean house is worthless? How would you encourage a friend?

Find yourself getting annoyed with your kids and snapping more than usual? What would you tell a friend to do?

Finding yourself fantasizing about a day away from it all? What would you tell a friend to do?
(end infomercial voice)

The logic for applying this question is pretty basic. We tend to be more thoughtful, generous, and kind when doling out advice to friends we love.

When facing the three situations above, I have no doubt I would tell myself that I am a lazy, horrible, slacker mom.

Yet if a dear friend told me any of the above, I’d tell her she needed a little break, deserved it even. I’d encourage her that she is making a difference in the world by making her home a haven. And I’d probably offer to babysit so she could go get a coffee and unwind.

It’s a fact, we’re gentler with others than we are ourselves. And often, deep down we already know the solutions to our current distress but we’re too busy or too distracted to realize it. Of course I needed to catch up on my vitamins!

So, start taking a little of your advice. I demand it!

Sorry, I can be bossy sometimes. Do you still love me?

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  1. mamala says

    Oh my yes.
    When I read, ” . . . and I’d tell her she needed a little break . .”
    an involuntary choke came to my throat, while tears filled my eyes.
    Guess it’s breaktime.
    Love you Ducky Doodle–more.

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