Our Homeschool Room

Welcome to Day 2 of the Spring Spruce Up in our School Room!

The photo above is one wall in our loft, and holds the majority of our supplies. This is not all of our school stuff, I have a craft cabinet and a history nook I’ll show you tomorrow. My goal in our new home is to keep room to grow, so I’m trying to not fill any room completely. The other side:

Our workboxes fit nicely in these shelves. I plan to get divider racks (the kind you use in a kitchen cupboard) but for now, they are sitting on each other just fine.

Above is the whiteboard my clever husband made me. It’s a large piece of plexiglass. He painted the back of the plexiglass white, so the front surface is actually clear, and whiteboard markers work perfectly on it. The best part is, it’s removeable. Behind it…

… is lots more storage. I don’t have much back here yet, which is in keeping with my “room to grow” goal.

The covered boxes hold teacher supplies, Dvd’s, Cd’s, Software, Workbox games, math blocks, etc.

Did you notice the hanging Mona Lisa in the top photo? Here is how I hung it:

I used a plastic page protector, so the print inside is easy to change as often as we change the subject of our picture study. The bulletin board strip is just sitting on the top of the shelf. I use a similar idea for hanging maps.

I like the look of books, but rows and rows of books feels too cluttered. By storing some of our unused books in the garage still, I am able to break up the shelves and leave some fairly open with just a couple supplies. It feels simpler to me, and clean.

If you look at the photo at the top of this post again, you can see in/out trays. I have one stack I use for sorting different kinds of notebook paper, and one for the kids to turn their work in when they need it graded. I am definitely not the only one in the house who likes her working space clear. My seven year old posted this sign in front of our turn-in paper tray one day when it got a little too messy for her to handle:

Well, then!

I have books organized right now by subject and time period. These are poetry and character books:

This shelf is books we’re using to supplement the Prairie Primer this year.

Here is this year’s Sonlight Literature selections

Since I’m saving the higher cores for my younger daughter, I labeled them. I’m pretty good friends with my labeler.

We each have our own cubby of sorts, that holds the books and notebooks we’re using on a daily basis, and one for our supply drawers.

I use our magazine flies for teacher guides and workbooks.

Simply turn them around to get what is inside.

Tomorrow, I’ll be showing you our History Nook, showing how we use our desks in different ways, and answering some questions that were posted on my Facebook Page. If you have any questions, leave them below and I’ll try to answer them!

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  1. Kerri Drennan says:

    Love it! Looks very clean and organized and conducive to learning!

  2. What a beautiful room! I love it! How is the white board attached to the front of the shelves? We don’t have room on our walls for a white board, so I’m wondering if that could work for us. Great job!

  3. Looks like IKEA Expedit! I bought one big unit for our homeschool room and am shocked at how much can fit. Wish I had room for another. Your room looks wonderful—so bright and cheery. Love how you’ve organized it!

  4. Wow! That’s a really tidy homeschool room! We no longer have one room to do school in, but I keep all our supplies in one room. Love that big shelving unit thing you have there. Looks like a great way to store everything!

    Take care!

  5. Oh wow! I love your loft homeschool room. So tidy and clean and full of learning.
    Like you, I find bright light very invigorating! (You mentioned light in your previous post, and I see that it is very bright.)
    Jimmie´s last blog post ..Three Areas of Mental Clutter that Sabotage Homeschooling

  6. Jealous here…I think after 17 years homeschooling (about 10 to go…) and NOT yet attaining to that, I’ll never get there. But you go for it! What a pleasurable room to think clearly in!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! We are moving next month, and for the first time, I will have a whole room to devote to school! I’m so excited :) My main question is where did you find your shelving unit? That’s exactly what I’ve been hoping to find!

  8. This is so pretty it makes my heart sigh!
    Nony (A Slob Comes Clean)´s last blog post ..Organizing My Garage-Storage Space – Day One

  9. Woo hoo Ang. This looks amazing!
    Rhonda´s last blog post ..Moments

  10. I really like the whiteboard idea. I may have to do this for our family todo list board! The writing almost looks photoshopped in the picture because the letters are floating off the white surface. Our homeschooling room is also in a loft and I love how open it feels and yet still differentiated from the rest of the house. Thanks for sharing, we’re taking notes.

  11. Loved your pics of your homeschool room! Thanks for the wonderful ideas…. especially for your math blocks.

  12. WOW!! It looks just beautiful and so very organized! I wish my classroom looked half as good as this!!
    Mandy´s last blog post ..Spring Spruce Up- Round Two

  13. LOVE the room!!! I can’t even begin to image how wonderful it is. Question….the desks…if you don’t mind me asking…..where did you find them?
    Judy´s last blog post ..Friday Night-What are you Doing

  14. Wow, you are one organized woman! One day I aspire to this…
    Jami @ An Oregon Cottage´s last blog post ..Tuesday Garden Party- Cleaning Up &amp Preparing To Plant

  15. Wow! That’s just about all I can say — wow!

    This is just a gorgeous space, Angela. I’m so impressed. And, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was really jealous. Love it!
    Angie @ Many Little Blessings´s last blog post ..Spring Spruce Up- Tips for Storing Your Craft Supplies

  16. Beautiful!! I also have a cubby bookshelf for our homeschooling things, but it needs a little (a lot) of straightening. I really like the white, bright look of your room – and your idea of “room to grow.” I am inspired looking at how other homeschoolers organize, and this post was a special treat. Don’t suppose you’d come organize my cubby bookshelf…?
    Charlotte Mason in the City´s last blog post ..Keys to homeschooling well- keys to the home anyway

  17. I LOVE your loft area! And I too love IKEA…how awesome to find those huge shelves on craigslist! Great idea to just leave out a shelf by your light switches. If you wanted to make use of the space above the light switch, you could get a hanging basket that slides onto the shelf above and creates a bin below the shelf (above your switch). If you search on Amazon for “12 Inch Under Shelf Storage Basket” you’ll see what I mean.
    Jill´s last blog post ..How Does Your Garden Grow

  18. *Wonderful* homeschool room! I’m drooling over here lol! :p I especially love all of your creative ways to use the space (e.g. removable whiteboard, thumbtack strip). Great tips! Thanks for the “tour!”

  19. Love the desks! Fantastic open storage solutions–very clean and modern! I hide everything in a big rolltop desk, but we’re hs newbies.
    SAHMmy Says´s last blog post ..GOYB Challenge- File the Pile- or- How Do You Eat An Elephant

  20. Your school room is awesome. Love it!
    Kami´s last blog post ..Preschool fun- a review of our letter “D” week

  21. I love your space! We have a loft too. Now I know where our homeschool room will be if we get to do it next year! Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Amy Lynne´s last blog post ..Menu Plan for the Week 3-13-11

  22. I lOVE your room! Great pictures ; )
    Lisa´s last blog post ..How Do You Get it All Done

  23. Oh my mercies…this is so beautifully organized it takes my breath away. I mean it is *really* fabulous! Stumbled!

    MamaLaundry´s last blog post ..Laundry Magnets–Super Cute!

  24. THREE things I love?

    Your white board – VERY clever.

    How you hang your map – a great permanent fix for temporary maps and posters!

    The pretty cover boxes for your manipulatives. I hate how messy ours look in the boxes – putting them in pretty boxes would make them much easier on my eye… thanks for that.

    I just wrote a post on what I consider a con of homeschooling. I opened comments just for this post because I would really love some perspective and ideas from other homeschooling moms. If you have some time – I would really appreciate you stop by and giving me some help. :)
    MAVA mama´s last blog post ..i love geography

  25. Wow it looks so beautiful and organized. I bet your kids love school time – they’re so lucky. And that white board is such a great idea. I think I’ll give one a try.
    Chloe´s last blog post ..5 Questions To Consider Before Looking At Garage Shelving Ideas

  26. Wow love it! You made a perfect job here. Gave me some nice ideas that I will apply immediately this weekend. Thanks for sharing the pics with us ;)

    Preston Livingston last blog.. Darth Vader in 3D

  27. I love your homeschool room! We are in a loft also, and I’m rearranging a bit. Your desks from IKEA look great. Where did you get the swivel chairs? Do your children have any trouble with the desk / chair height – i.e., dangling legs? I’ve wondered about that as we are contemplating getting away from a child-sized table/2 chair set. Thanks for your blog! So encouraging.

  28. Allison Davis says:

    Love your schoolroom!

  29. I probably missed it but where are your book cases from?

  30. I love your space and would like to invite you to share it on Four Little Thiiiings here: http://www.fourlittlethiiiings.com/about/share-space
    Autumn Rennie´s last blog post ..Playful Urban Efficiency ⋆ Villa El Sol School

  31. So I know this post is years old, but I’m just finding it! Hallelujah! It’s exactly what we needed to help us finish our loft homeschool space! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get wall space AND storage space out of our large loft wall and your post has SO helped.

    Ok – to my question. What quality of plexiglass did you guys use for the “whiteboard”? How did it hold up in the long run? Any issues that would make you go for traditional whiteboard instead?

  32. Hey! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any trouble with hackers?
    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing a few months of hard
    work due to no data backup. Do you have any methods to prevent
    School Furniture & Equipment´s last blog post ..School Furniture & Equipment

  33. I know this post is really old, but I love those desks! I would love to separate my children from each other ( just by a couple more feet!)


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