Your Husband Picked You

photo by Rhonda Kane

Of all the women he knew at the time, or would one day know, he chose you.

He chose you to fulfill all the thoughts and fantasies he might have had as a kid about his future wife (do little boys do that?)

He chose you to be the one he leaves his parents for.

He chose you to be glued to. For life.

You to share his most private moments with.

Not the airbrushed model on the cover of the magazine whose body you’re wishing you had. Not your cute and very flirtatious friend that makes him laugh once in a while. Not even the ex that his family always raves about.

He chose you.

Yep. Little old you.

You, to ride into the sunset with.

You, to brighten his dark days.

You, to wash his socks.

Have you thanked him for choosing you?

I was inspired by the 30 Day Encourage Your Husband Challenge, shared by a friend on Facebook.

This challenge rocks. Do it with me?

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  1. thanks Angela for the encouragment… sometimes I think he may want to rethink his choosing but what God has put together.. let no man separate :-)

  2. I am so glad I saw this…I have been looking for ways to encourage my husband. Thanks so much for posting! :)
    Mandy´s last blog post ..Dear Bird That Pooped on My Head-

  3. JoyJoyJoy! says:

    Dang. Why did I read this right after I was pissed at my hubby for not taking the shopping list I painstakingly wrote out for him before he went grocery shopping? I just ate some crow and humble pie and posted this to my page and told my husband that I appreciated his care for our children. :D
    God, are you putting me in check today? YEP

  4. Yes, it seems that husbands are indeed–simply another human. A flawed, misunderstood, secret ambition–human.
    Just like us.
    Life became much grander when I stopped the crazy thoughts:
    Turns out that my way is not the best way for anyone but me.
    I do so thank God that my husband waited around for me to figure that out.

  5. Excellent post! I often question why my husband picked me. He waited 33 years, and then got this? Yet I think you are right–more thankfulness on my part would be transformative.

  6. Love this! I just checked it out, and I think I’ll start it with you today. Thanks!

  7. We need to be continually thankful.

  8. PS. Your picture is beautiful.

  9. Oh, I like this. You are quite right, even the part about the sock washing… :-)
    ali @ an ordinary mom´s last blog post ..It Had to Be Done

  10. Hi~your post is just perfectly beautiful. Thank you:)

  11. i did this last year around this time and what a blessing it was. love your blog, friend!

  12. I know this post has been up a while…but, did you like the challenge? I just started reading Power of a Praying Wife… need something.
    island girl´s last blog post ..Easy Peasy Cloth Diapering!

  13. He picked me because I was the only option he had available. So saying he picked me does not make me feel special, or good about myself, at all.

  14. You are wonderful!


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