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Gilmore Girls and A New Design :)

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If you are reading this in a reader or in email, have you clicked over to the blog lately? I am excited to share my new design with you all. (It looks much better when viewed on a desktop, as opposed to a mobile device, so I’ve included a screenshot for your enjoyment.) More changes are coming soon, involving content and a name change. I am still working on behind the scenes stuff, and I’ll officially launch my new site as soon as I get it all in order. But for now you can check out the pretty new look :)

In other exciting news, did you know that Gilmore Girls is now on Netflix streaming? Even though we have the DVD’s, we are thrilled to watch the series again all at once on Netflix! My daughters and I practically have it memorized. We also quote the show regularly and will hotly debate anyone that doesn’t love Jess. Though as I’ve gotten older and the mother of a teenage daughter, Jess’s appeal is fading a bit. Just a bit.

If you were ever a fan of Gilmore Girls, you’ll love this post. Reliving Rory and Dean: 3 Things to Remember When I’m Feeling Nostalgic. I am a Gilmore Girls freak, and I love the wisdom Nickole shares in this post.

If you want more evidence of my love for Gilmore Girls, check out the Gilmore Girls Pinterest Board I share with my daughter. It’s a sickness.

Someday, I’ll tell you about the time my oldest and I stayed home and watched Gilmore Girls for 16 hours straight and ate massive amounts of junk food, including, but not limited to: Pop Tarts, frozen pizza with Tater Tots, Twizzlers, Mallomars (you HAVE to have Mallomars with Gilmore Girls!) lots of what we imagined was Luke’s Coffee, and how the next day I may have cried, “We forgot the wallowing ice cream!” But if I told you about that, you might actually know how crazy we are.

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Changes Coming and Exciting News!


You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t written consistently here for quite some time. In the beginning, my break started because I needed to tend to family stuff. Then, things got better, I ended my break, and I was writing here again.

But I never really got back to my old pace. For one, family had a higher priority this time around and I just couldn’t seem to make the time for content-heavy posts as often as I used to. I wasn’t being a good, consistent blogger, I was writing as the mood struck.

But there was also another reason, and I am finally ready to share that here!

I’ve also been more absent here because I’ve been switching writing gears and writing novels. (Forgive my lazy metaphor. I promise my novels are better than that.)

In April of this year, I was signed by Janet Grant, the founder and President of Books and Such Literary Management! That’s right, people, I went and got me an agent! Books and Such has an incredible blog for writers, if you’ve ever thought about being a writer, start here!

Now that I’m an agented writer with a book being pitched to actual publishers with names I recognize, I have been focusing more and more on fiction.

I have been torn for months, trying to decide how to mix and/or separate these two sides of me, but it finally came down to this: I am and will always be a Homegrown Mom, but as far as writing goes, I want it to be a concept I write about, not my identity. I want to focus more on writing novels and everything that goes along with that.

What does that mean for me?
It means dumping all of my wonderful ideas into a “someday” file and being okay with the fact that I don’t have the time or resources to make this Homegrown Mom blog everything it could be right now.

It means a makeover for my blog {Coming soon! Guys, it’s going to be sooooo pretty!}

It means a name change. I’ll be blogging as Angela Mills, not Homegrown Mom.

It means switching all of my social media to the name I was born with, not my blog name. {Check! Find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram}

What does that mean for you?
You can easily follow me over to my new blog. When I make the change, (It’ll be at least a couple of weeks) subscribers will be transferred right over. You shouldn’t have to do a thing. You can subscribe here if you haven’t yet.

You’ll still be able to read about being a Homegrown Mom, as that will be a prominent category on my new site. My heart hasn’t changed!

You’ll still get posts on Homeschool, Homemaking, Marriage, and Faith. It’ll just be packaged a bit differently.

You’ll get updates when my book gets published! Even if it’s years from now, I know it will happen. In addition to all of the other things I write about, I’ll be sharing a bit more about my writing journey. That means sharing more about how I got an agent, (which was a freak set of crazy God-ordained circumstances!) about my writing life, and resources for would-be writers.

You’ll get the same sporadic blog posts. Though I will try to get better about posting regularly, it won’t be any more than a couple times a week. I won’t suddenly be posting 5 days a week!

You’ll get to be part of my launch week! I have no idea what that means right now, except for the fact that it will involve some giveaways and other fun enticements for you to follow me over. I’m trying to think of something that I can give to every subscriber to thank you all, like a little ebook or an exclusive PDF… Any ideas? :)

So, as a reader, this doesn’t change things much for you. However, as always, I like to share my heart and where things are going. That, and that I’m really, super excited about all of this.

Thank you to each of you that read the words I write here! Leave a comment below and tell me about how long you’ve been reading Homegrown Mom (or share an idea of an ebook or Pdf I could write for you all) and I’ll choose one commenter to send a $25 Amazon gift card to. Giveaway ends October 2. Note: I’m not advertising this giveaway, it’s just a little thank you for those that read this whole post. Ha!

NOTE: Congratulations, Christina! The giveaway is now closed :)

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