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Sweets On Sundays {52 Changes}

52 changes

This week, I’m making a change that I have been putting off for a while. I have a huge sweet tooth. I could easily eat dessert after every meal, and when I get in the habit of having sweets daily, it’s very hard to get out of that habit. Over the holidays, I started having sweets more often (read: daily) and I haven’t gone back to moderation in this area.

One problem with not sticking to a particular diet, but only tracking my food, is that it’s easy to keep eating sweets every day, as long as I count it. And this may be okay for some people, but sugar is not good for me in many ways. It’s not good for my endometriosis symptoms, I am more likely to get sick in general when I’ve been eating a lot of sugar, and we all know that sugar ultimately saps your energy. It also makes it extremely hard for me to lose weight.

Obviously, I need to cut back. For now, I am going to limit myself to having sugary treats on Sundays only. Instead of completely quitting, I’ll allow myself a treat once a week. Hopefully that’s a habit I can keep up.

I’m not going to be super strict about my treat being on Sundays. If we go to a party on a Saturday and I really want some cake, I’ll just have some on Saturday instead of Sunday. But overall, I think it will be good to practice the discipline of telling myself no.

I am not looking forward to this change at all. I know the first week will be a struggle as my body adjusts. But I do look forward to feeling better and developing some self control.

If you’re following along, I urge you to look at your sugar consumption this week. I chose only one day a week because when I get used to having it, even two days in a row, it’s a slippery slope to being addicted. Maybe you’re not as addicted as I am and you can cut back to weekends only, and see how you feel with that.

One thing I am going to sort of piggyback to this change is no diet soda for me. I used to be completely addicted to massive amounts of diet soda each day, but I gave it up about twelve years ago and now I only have it once a month or so when we are out somewhere.

In the past, when I’ve cut back on sugar, I’ve found myself buying and drinking diet soda again to give myself that “sweet” taste. I don’t want to do that this time. My goal with this year is to eat clean and diet soda has no part in that.

If you are currently drinking a lot of soda, diet or otherwise, and having a lot of treats, pick one change to make this week and ease into letting go of the other one in a following week. I am not currently drinking soda, so I’m just adding this rule on for myself because I don’t want it to even be an option.

This is going to be a tough week for anyone with a sweet tooth, but we can do it!

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