My Treatment at Clear Passage: Results

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Overall, my experience with Clear Passage was a great one. While I was not completely healed, several areas have been improved and I have lots of tools to use at home to continue my journey of healing.

Here are some results that I’ve noticed after five treatments:

Increased Bladder Function. When my therapist told me to count how many seconds I was urinating, I thought it was a little odd. She explained that if my bladder was healthy, I would be able to urinate for 9 seconds or more each time. I went to the restroom with my little task and was only able to go for 2-3 seconds.

For the next couple of weeks, Mary worked on the adhesions around my bladder and I am currently up to nine seconds! I also don’t wake up in nearly as much pain as I used to daily after an entire night of keeping my bladder full. I am able to go without it hurting beforehand and directly after.

No more pain associated with intercourse.

Energy. This was something very unexpected! Every morning when I came in for a treatment, Mary would have me rate my pain and energy levels. I realized I was feeling better overall, which meant I had more energy for daily tasks. Yippee!

Increased Mobility. Especially in my hips. Because many of my organs are tugging and pulling to one side of my body, my legs and hips were very tight. I also learned how to treat this at home. I had no idea how much of your body can be affected by endometriosis and adhesions. Everything is connected, so when something is pulling tight somewhere, everything connected to that area suffers.

Stronger toes. This sounds silly, but when Mary was evaluating me on the first day, I couldn’t resist any pressure she put on my toes. On the final day, I was able to keep her from pressing my toes up or down. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but she explained that my nerves somewhere in my hips or legs must have been compromised and now were working better. So it was a great sign!

Located the source of my primary pain. My primary, most severe pain was not fixed in these 5 sessions, but Mary was able to locate exactly where it was coming from. She was then able to assign specific exercises for me to work on at home (And even some in the car!) to continue to treat that area. It was a huge relief, psychologically, to finally know where it was coming from!

Less abdominal pain. I frequently have pain on both sides of my abdomen, probably where my ovaries used to be. All of the sticking and tugging going on inside of me wasn’t helping matters. The pain in those areas is down at least 50%! Especially upon waking in the morning.

If you have any questions about Clear Passage and the treatment I received there, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below. And if it’s personal, you can email me privately.

My Treatment At Clear Passage: Part 2

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Warning: This post is for adults only. Preferably married women : )

Most women with endometriosis have some level of pain during or after intercourse. I have experienced this myself for years, off and on, but never really spoke with my husband about it.

Eric and I have one of those relationships where we tell each other everything, but this was different. There have been enough sacrifices over the years that my husband has willingly made due to my illness, and I really didn’t want sex to be one of them. And honestly, even though I often had pain afterwards, I didn’t want to give up sex either!

Fortunately for me, I rarely had pain during intercourse, it was usually mild discomfort in certain situations. But afterwards and the whole next day… owie!

I told Mary, my therapist at Clear Passage, about the issue and one of the biggest improvements I have experienced has been in this area! She worked on some scar tissue internally, and no, it wasn’t fun. But it was worth it.

After a couple treatments, she suggested I try some sexual activities to see if my pain had improved. My husband jokingly called it our homework and kept reminding me that we had assignments to get to!

I was so nervous starting out, because I had finally come clean that week with Eric about the effects sex had been having on me and I knew if it wasn’t better, he was going to seriously reduce our activity in order not to hurt me.

So, we did our homework and guess what?

No pain!

Mary also gave me some tools to use at home, and I will continue using them for a few minutes each day to work on that scar tissue.

Even if this was all that was improved during my therapy, it was worth it. If you are struggling with pain during intercourse, I would suggest chatting with one of Clear Passage’s therapist to see if they might be able to help you. Sex is a beautiful part of marriage and something to be enjoyed.

I would also suggest being honest with your husband about it, if you haven’t already. No need to suffer quietly. You can work together to find ways to avoid the painful consequences and it might even bring you closer.

Here is a look at their success rates in treating pain. You can read more about how they treat painful intercourse here.